Thy Gallery Tattoo Studios

Thy Gallery is a 500 sqm facility in the province of Naples, in the town of Pozzuoli, where spaces thoughtfully designed by architects have given life to various settings unified by a harmony of style. The basic idea was to create something that went beyond the simple tattoo and included artistic forms that have passion and design as their common denominator.

Thy Gallery is not just a tattoo studio; it is also an art gallery, within which not only tattoo artists but artists from all over the world bring their creations to life.

Thy Gallery Studios is Art.

  • An Entry into Art

    Inside the Thy Gallery, visitors are immediately enveloped by the expanse of an environment that goes beyond any expectation: not just a simple waiting room, but a vast art gallery. Here, elegance blends with comfort, in a welcoming and finely decorated space, where art and style coexist harmoniously. Every corner is a tribute to creativity, hosting selected works of international artists. The mere entrance is an experience that instinctively invites one to book an appointment.

  • Welcome to the Family

    THY-G is more than a place; it's a sense of belonging, a welcome into a family where every member shares the same vision. The modern and friendly atmosphere fosters open dialogue and collaboration among artists, each dedicated to interpreting and realizing the perfect tattoo for you. Become part of the THY-G family and enjoy the experience.